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    author = {Bunten, Jan Simon},
     month = jan,
     title = {Abstraktionsans{\"{a}}tze in Multiplayer Poker},
      type = {Bachelor-Arbeit},
      year = {2017},
    school = {TU Darmstadt, Knowledge Engineering Group},
       url = {https://www.ke.tu-darmstadt.de/lehre/arbeiten/bachelor/2017/Bunten_Jan-Simon.pdf},
  abstract = {Multiplayer Fixed Limit Texas Hold‘em can only be solved with very course card abstractions due to its
large number of Game States. In fact so course, that usually hands can only be distinguished by above
or below average hand strength, so reducing the complexity by card abstractions alone is not possible.
Because of that I evaluate in this thesis possibilities to reduce complexity by reducing the betting nodes in
the game tree. Required for this is an in depth analysis of the 3-player game tree. Furthermore I evaluate
a possible reduction of the state space by restricting the algorithm so solve states with 2 active players
only and by merging similar states after the end of a betting round.},