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     author = {Kulessa, Moritz and Hilprecht, Benjamin and Molina, Alejandro and Kersting, Kristian and Binnig, Carsten},
   keywords = {Approximate Query Processing, Databases, Deep Learning, SQL Queries, Sum-Product Networks},
      month = aug,
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   location = {Los Angeles, USA},
        url = {https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VAJGsf1vemhKl_IsLbznTv9TRwAcsaB3/view},
   abstract = {In this paper, we present a new approach to Approximate Query Processing (AQP) called Model-based AQP that leverages deep generative models learned over a dataset to answer SQL queries at interactive speeds. Different from classical AQP approaches, deep generative models allow us not only to compute approximate responses to ad-hoc queries even over rare sub-populations but additionally support a new class of queries called counterfactual queries enabling users to ask what-if queries. Furthermore, we think that deep generative models can not only be used for AQP in databases but also have other applications for problems such as Query Optimization as well as Data Cleaning.}