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An Evaluation of Efficient Multilabel Classification Algorithms for Large-Scale Problems in the Legal Domain
Type of publication: Inproceedings
Citation: jf:LWA-07-Loza
Booktitle: Proceedings of the LWA 2007: Lernen - Wissen - Adaption
Year: 2007
Month: September
Pages: 126--132
Address: Halle, Germany
ISBN: 978-3-86010-907-6
URL: http://www.ke.tu-darmstadt.de/publications/papers/LWA07.pdf
Abstract: In this paper we evaluate the performance of multilabel classification algorithms on two classification tasks related to documents of the EUR-Lex database of legal documents of the European Union. It permits different settings of large-scale multilabel problems with up to 4000 classes with the same underlying documents. We compared the well known one-against-all approach (OAA) and its recently proposed improvement, the multiclass multilabel perceptron algorithm (MMP), which modifies the OAA ensemble by respecting dependencies between the base classifiers in the training protocol of the classifier ensemble. Both use the simple but very efficient perceptron algorithm as underlying classifier. This makes them very suitable for large-scale multilabel classification problems, in particular when the number of classes is high. Our results on the EUR-Lex database confirm that the MMP algorithm has a better response to an increasing number of classes than the one-against-all approach. We also show that it is principally possible to efficiently and effectively handle very large multilabel problems.
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Authors Loza Mencía, Eneldo
Fürnkranz, Johannes
Editors Hinneburg, Alexander