Seminar Predictive Maintenance

Seminar machine learning: Predictive Maintenance

The Seminar is available in Tucan right here.

You can download the Slide From the KickOff-Meeting here: kick-off.pdf

When and where?

The Meetings will take place on Wednesdays at 17.10h in Room E202.












The topics for the talks will be assigned in the Kickoff-Meeting on April 22nd. For further questions feel free to send an email to


In the course of this seminar we will try to get an overview on the current state of research in this domain. We will concentrate on recent papers published in workshops, journals, and conferences regarding predictive maintenance. The topics will be announced as soon as possible.
The students are expected to give a 30 minute talk on the material they are assigned, followed by 15 minutes of questions. The content of the talk should exceed the scope of the paper, and demonstrate that a thorough understanding of the material was achieved.



The talks are expected to be accompanied by slides. In case you do not own a laptop, please send us the slides in advance, so that we can prepare and test the slides. The talk and the slides are allowed to be both english or german, but we strongly encourage the students to give the talk in english.


The slides, the presentation and the Q'n'A section of the talk will influence the overall grade. Furthermore, it is expected of the students to participate in the discussions. There is no need for a written verdict of the material.
Most importantly, the autonomous elaboration on the material will influence the grade. To achieve a grade in the 1.x range, the talk needs to exceed the contentual recitation of the given material and include own ideas, own experience or even demos. An exact recitation of the papers will lead to a grade in the 2.x range. A weak presentation and lack of engagement in the discussions may lead to a grade in the 3.x range, or worse.

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