Data Mining Cup 2014: 4th and 8th positions

The results of the Data Mining Cup 2014 were anounced on the 2th of July at the prudsys user days congress in Berlin. Both of our solutions were awarded and the whole crew was invited to travel to Berlin in order to proudly receive the awards.

In the 15th anniversary the task was to predict the returns for a particular user and product in real life data of an online shop. The first places went to the University of Iowa State and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (two submissions) and were followed by our solution on the 4th place, and also on the 8th place. Only a few points separated our team from obtaining the bronce medal, granted with 500€. Nonetheless, we got the attention of IBM so that you can read a few lines about our used method in their blog (German).

DMC 14 Siegerehrung

Our team was composed of the following students attending the DMC Praktikum: Igor Achieser, Marc-André Bär, Markus Brandt, Fabian Hirschmann, Simon Holthausen, Patryk Hopner, Mirko Köhler, Suiteng Lu, Michael Markert, Thomas Pignede, Elvir Sabic, Christoph Schatton, Svenja Stark and Michael Stahn.


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