This site contains datasets, applications, tools and other resources publicly provided by the KE Group.

The following list gives a short description of the available resources:



  • UI² Ontology
    The UI² Ontology is a formal ontology for describing user interfaces, their components, and the possible interactions with them.


  • Computer Poker Bots
    A small repository of Computer Poker Bots.
  • Attachment Checker
    A Thunderbird plugin that learns to warn you when you forget to attach a file to your message.
  • Classification GUI
    A graphical user interface that allows to intuitively assign concepts from an ontology to a set of documents in order to quickly and easily develop a (multilabel) classification dataset.
  • Peewit
    A light-weight meta-framework for machine learning experiments.
  • FeGeLOD
    A tool for generating machine-learning features from Linked Open Data.
  • Explain-a-LOD
    A tool for generating possible explanations for statistics based on Linked Open Data.
  • SeCo
    A framework for Separate-and-Conquer Rule Learning.
  • Perceptrovement
    A highly modular framework for the efficient Perceptron algorithm containing a great collection of effective extensions
  • MoB4LOD
    A framework for creating customized browser applications for Linked Open Data
  • JFreeWebSearch
    A free (i.e., no registration and API key required) Java library to perform searches on the web
  • Ontology Matching Tools
    The KE group has developed a variety of ontology matching tools.
  • Graded Multilabel Classification, Code and Data
    The code and data used for our paper about pairwise graded multilabel classification. In this setting, a label is not only present or absent, but can have several grades, e.g. stars.


  • Students Pool
    Students who are active in our group have the possibility to use our infrastructure and our pool with six Linux-based computers in room D205.
  • Computing Cluster
    Get to know our research computing cluster.
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