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JFreeWebSearch is a free Java library to perform searches on the web. It performs keyword searches and returns a set of objects, containing, e.g., the website title and URL, and a text snippet around the term found on the web page.

JFreeWebSearch is a Java interface to the open source web search engine FAROO. Requests are limited to one request per second and one million queries per month.

To use the JFreeWebSearch API, you have to register for an API key here.

So far, the JFreeWebSearch API only supports the most commonly used plain web search, no news search etc.



JFreeWebSearch has been tested with Java 1.6. In addition to the files provided here, the Java JSON library Gson is required. We recommend Gson version 2.2.2 or higher.


Contact: Heiko Paulheim
Implementation: Simon Holthausen

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