In the winter term 2012/13, I am teaching the following courses:

Past teaching:

Student Theses

If you are interested in doing your thesis (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) in the fields of the Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, Ontologies, and related topics, feel free to contact me. A list of currently open topics can be found here, but you are equally invited to state your own ideas and interests.

Supervised and Co-supervised Theses and Student Projects, ongoing:

  • Stephan Moczygemba: Detecting and Predicting Flashmobs from Twitter Data (Master's Thesis)
  • Jakob Karolus: Analyzing Sources for Noise Measurements (Bachelor's Thesis)
  • Alexander Gabriel: Learning Semantically Coherent Rules (Bachelor's Thesis)
  • Hossein Rabighomi: Separate-and-Conquer-Lernen of SPARQL queries (Diploma thesis)

Supervised and Co-supervised Theses and Student Projects, finished:

  • Dominik Wienand: Debugging Linked Open Data (Bachelor's Thesis, summer term 2013)
  • Simon Holthausen: Creating Hypotheses for Changes in Time Series Data (Bachelor's Thesis, summer term 2013)
  • Markus Schröder: Enabling Semantic Web Services for Desktop Environments (Bachelor's Thesis, winter term 2012/13)
  • Sven Hertling: Ontology Matching with Wikipedia (Bachelor's Thesis, winter term 2012/13)
  • Alexander Seeliger: Developing a Semantic Browser for Linked Open Data (Bachelor's thesis, winter term 2012/13)
  • Max Schmachtenberg: Semantic Annotation of Data from Online Socail Networks (Diploma thesis, summer term 2012)
  • Peter Klöckner, Chinara Mammadova, Jan Stengler, Dominik Wienand: Developing a Modular Linked Open Data Browser (Hands-on project, summer term 2012)
  • Eugen Grenz, Najib Hfaiedh, Chahine Elyes Abid, Marvin Dickhaus: Developing a Facebook Game for Classifying Tweets (Hands-on project, summer term 2012)
  • Tung Dang Thanh: Evaluation of natural language processing techniques for sentiment analysis on tweets (Bachelor's thesis, summer term 2012)
  • Johannes Nachtwey: Geo-locating tweets (Bachelor's thesis, summer term 2012)
  • Gustavo Rocha: Web Mining for Extracting RDF Data (Bachelor's thesis, winter term 2011/2012)
  • Thomas Dudei, Felix Mayer, Qingli Yan, Thanh Tung Dang, Le Nam Truong: Developing a Facebook Game for Validating Linked Open Data (Hands-on project, winter term 2011/2012)
  • Tobias Wieschnowsky: A Development Tool for Supporting User Interface Integration (Master's thesis, summer term 2011)
  • Dominique Ritze: Automatic Configuration of Ontology Matching Tools (Master's thesis, summer term 2011)
  • Roland Plendl: Rule-based Semantic Annotation of Class Models (Master's thesis, summer term 2010)
  • Christian Fritz, Christian Kirschner, Daniel Reker, Andre Wisplinghoff: Geospatial Web Mining for Emergency Management (Hands-on project, winter term 2009/2010)
  • Lars Meyer: Efficient Reasoning on Running Systems Using a Framework for User Interface Integration (Master's thesis, winter term 2009/2010)
  • Atila Erdogan: Integration of Java Flex UIs in Java Applications (Master's thesis, winter term 2009/2010)
  • Rene Abraham: Ontological Description of UI Interactions (Master's thesis, summer term 2009)
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