Other Talks

  • Invited Talk "Overview on Machine Learning"
    • this talk gives an overview on machine learning for people who are not that familiar with the topic; it is meant to give a very broad introduction (covering nearly all techniques) to machine learning from a user perspective
    • held at:
  • Intelligente Datenauswertung mit Linked Open Data (zusammen mit Heiko Paulheim) im Rahmen des Darmstädter Ontologenkreises (13.10.2014)
  • Invited Talk at the Oberseminar of Prof. Dr. Michael Kohler (Slides) (02.07.2009)
  • Talk for the Mentorensystem Informatik for students that have passed one or less exams in the first semester (each semester)
    • together with Tim Neubacher
    • Slides
  • Talk on TUCaN for external students (each semester)
    • together with Michael Rodenberg
    • Slides
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