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Reaching us from Frankfurt Airport

There are four easy options:

  1. Taxi: by taxi, TU Darmstadt is about 20 min away from Frankfurt Airport. The fare is ~40 Euros. See taxi instructions in the train section.
  2. Scheduled taxi (must be called) via TAM service: fixed price (~33 Euros) - advance reservation possible by phone or email.
  3. Airport Shuttle: the fare for the shuttle bus is ~7 Euros and it drops you off at Darmstadt central station, at Luisenplatz, or at the conference center Darmstadtium, which is in walking distance from Herrngarten. The shuttle usually leaves every 30 min. The departure point is at Terminal 1, Bus Stop #14, opposite the Terminal 1B arrivals area. The bus also stops at Terminal 2 at the exits of the arrival area D+E. See the Airliner Schedule for details.

       Note: if you use the airport shuttle, the bus ticket is also valid for one tram/bus connection in Darmstadt. You do not have to buy another ticket to get to the University. Also, you can buy the shuttle ticket for going back to the airport right at any tram stop. Press the button "Airliner" and off you go.

  4. Train: Frankfurt Airport has two internal train stations in Terminal 1: one for long distance trains (located across the overhead walkway), and another one for local trains (one level below the Terminal 1 arrivals area). Both have connections to Darmstadt - directly and via Frankfurt. It is best to consult the train information counters and screens for the connections or have a look online.

Reaching us from Darmstadt Central Station

  1. Taxi: the fastest way is to take a cab (3-5 min, ~7-10 Euros). Usually, there are many taxis waiting outside central station (coming straight from the tracks they are on the right hand side). Ask for "Hochschulstrasse" and the driver should drop you roughly at the entrance of the garden, in the middle of the campus area. The white building facing the garden is the CS department. You do not actually have to enter the garden to reach us, but if it helps you, our building is the only building with an entrance from the garden.
  2. Tram/Bus: all trams are leaving right in front of central station (take the stairs from the platform and go to the left exit). It takes 5-7 min to reach the city center. The main choices are:
    • Line 3 towards "Lichtenbergschule" or Line 5 towards "Kranichstein". Get off at "Willy-Brandt-Platz" or "Luisenplatz" (see details below).
    • Bus H towards "Kesselhutweg". Get off at "Luisenplatz". Take the bus right in front of central station's main exit.
    • Bus K towards "TU-Lichtwiese". Get off  either at "Willy-Brandt-Platz" or "Luisenplatz". The bus departs in front of McDonald's.
    • Regional buses. There are quite some regional buses doing the track. Consult to get further information since schedules and buses might change.

Note: Walking from Willy-Brandt-Platz to the department is a little bit shorter and easier than from Luisenplatz.

  • From Willy-Brandt-Platz: (~150 m, 5-6 min walk) look for the street between the bakery and an old red-white building and follow it until you reach the entrance to a big park called "Herrngarten". Follow the middle track just about 100 m. We are located inside the garden in the sole big white building.
  • From Luisenplatz (City Center): (~200 m, 5-8 mins walk) the city centre is identifiable by the tall pillar in the middle and it is also the tram hub of the city. Head towards the pink-ish building (the castle). Turn left and you will see the big off-white colored "Hessisches Landesmuseum" building across the street, where you also start seeing the new TUD administration building and the Welcome Hotel on its right hand side. Cross the road, walk between the Museum and the Hotel until you reach a street with the old main university building on your right. Follow the street until you find a crossing (with the garden entrance on the left). You will see a big white building facing the garden (actually it is the only building with an entrance from the garden, so it should be easy to find). This is the Computer Science Department building.
  • Inside Robert Piloty Building/Computer Science Department: the building has the shape of an E, and inside, we are located within the D wing on the 2nd floor (the upper left line of the E). Take the main entrances to enter the building (at each end of the E's middle line). Go up one level, the stairs are located at the main entrance facing the garden. The secretary's room D203 is at the beginning of the passage on your left hand.


Buying Tram/Bus Tickets

There is an unified system for buying tickets for trams and buses. Each stop has a ticket machine, sometimes there is a ticket machine inside the tram or bus (but don't count on this). Press the button labelled "Darmstadt Mitte", and pay the fare in coins. The ticket is valid for one ride inside the city center. You can also buy daily tickets etc. by pressing "Tageskarte" after pressing your destination (Darmstadt Mitte). There is no "stamping" of tickets when entering a tram or bus. Ticket controls do happen occasionally, though!

Reaching us by Car

Autobahn A5 or A67 get you to Darmstadt. Exit the Autobahn at Darmstädter Kreuz and follow the signs "Darmstadt Mitte". Proceed eastbound on Rheinstraße. To go to CS building S2|02 (Hochschulstraße 10), follow Rheinstraße and take the underpass (follow one right turn). Exit the underpass to the left and keep left as you go through the traffic light. Go through the next traffic light and keep left. After 100m turn right into the "Schloßgarage" parking.


We would like to thank the DEEDS Group for providing the TUD direction information.


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Knowledge Engineering Group

Fachbereich Informatik
TU Darmstadt

S2|02 D203
Hochschulstrasse 10

D-64289 Darmstadt

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