An Optic's Life

Name: An Optic’s Life

Duration: 03/2014-03/2017

Partners: Flexoptix GmbH, P2P Networks Group at TU Darmstadt

Funding: BMBF KMU-Innovativ program

The aim of the project “An Optic’s Life” is to create an early warning system to predict oncoming failure of optical transceivers used in the high-speed networks. These transceivers are usually deployed either in points of long-range transmission or in high-speed exchange points, and therefore their failure during operation may affect many internet users. The prediction will use operational conditions and performance parameters of transceivers to identify as close as possible the time of oncoming failure so that preventive actions can be performed. 

The data for building prediction models is expected to be collected from real network installations in collaboration with several internet service providers and internet exchange points.  

At the later stages, obtained operation and failure models may be used to optimize operating conditions of network installations or help equipment manufacturers to improve hardware components. 

Project members:  Andrei Tolstikov, Hani Salah



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