TUD Poker Framework

Version 1.91

This page contains the resources for the TUD poker framework in version 1.91. This framework can be used in order to test computer poker bots in a wide range of possible poker variants, such as limit, no limit, two and multiple players. It is compatible to the Pokerserver framework by the Computer Poker Research Group of Alberta, which is also the official framework for the annual Computer Poker Competitions. Moreover, it provides a handy framework and handy classes and methods in order to implement your own bot. It also has a graphical user interface so that games between humans and bots are possible (see below for further features).

Unfortunately, the most extensive help documents are in German. Nevertheless, English documentation exist.

Short Instructions

All files needed files are generated by the first call: java -jar TUDpoker.jar at the command-line. The TUDpoker.jar generates help and batch files into the same directory where TUDpoker.jar is located.

Help and manuals

  • manual_ger.pdf is an extensive german manual.
  • readme-client.txt is the english helpfile for clients such as pokerbots, spectators and GUI-client.
  • readme.txt is the english helpfile for the server
  • Introduction is hopefully easier with given Windows batch and Linux .sh files. These files are examples for creating own configurations.
  • The TUDpokerserver includes an english online-help in the interactive mode.

Feature list

  • Texas hold em Poker: fixed-limit and no-limit
  • Players: Heads Up and up to 10 players (ring game)
  • Fold: Standard fold-rules and ACPC-fold rules
  • GUI for spectators and human-players
  • GUI for human-players with advises of a chosen pokerbot
  • GUI-statistics for the current match
  • Match histories in ACPC-conform log-files and in the GUI
  • Server is operable in batch mode and in interactive mode
  • The game variables are configurable in the server. The server sends the configuration to the clients.
  • The server can provide several pokermatch parallel
  • The pokerclient-framework corrects poker rule violations and logs the failures
  • and many more


  • TUDpoker.jar containing all the code to execute
  • We are currently preparing the source code. Do not hesitate to ask us by email to obtain it before.



This code was written by many people, mainly students writing their thesis or doing some internships in our department. Mainly responsible for current version 1.9 is Julian Prommer. Former contributions were made by Markus Zopf, Max Bank and to less degree Tobias Thiel, Theo KischkaSuiteng Lu, Patryk Hopner.

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