UI² Ontology

The UI² ontology (User Interfaces and Interactions Ontology) is a formal ontology which captures concepts from the domain of user interfaces and they way we interact with them. Based on the DOLCE foundational ontologies and the software component ontologies, it reuses existing ontologies and follows rigid ontology engineering approaches such as OntoClean.

Possible application areas of this ontology include the generation and integration of UI components, the annotation of UI component repositories and/or documents, and the engineering self-organizing, multi-modal user interfaces.

Download the ontology:

The UI² ontology is organized in two levels: the top and the detail level. To get started, it is advisable to open the detail level file, since it contains imports to the top level and all other reused ontologies. Details about the design and contents of the ontology can be found in the publications (see below).

Contact: Heiko Paulheim

Publications about the UI² Ontology


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