Dr. Heiko Paulheim


Past Projects

ESWC 2010 SEMAIS 2011 SEMAIS 2010

Research Interests

  • Semantic Web | Machine Learning on Linked Data | Ontology Matching | Ontology Learning | Applications of Semantic Technologies | Ontology-enhanced User Interfaces


  • MICI
    MICI is a mashup that uses information from Linked Open Data for rule-based risk assessment, demonstrated with live data provided by the Seattle fire brigade. It has been developed together with Axel Schulz from the Telecooperation Group.
  • Explain-a-LOD
    Explain-a-LOD generates hypotheses for explaining statistics. The background knowledge for creating the explanations is automatically drawn from Linked Open Data.
  • FeGeLOD
    FeGeLOD (Feature Generation from Linked Open Data) is a tool for preparing data sets for data mining and machine learning by generating additional features from Linked Open Data.
  • UI² Ontology
    The UI² Ontology is a formal ontology for describing user interfaces, their components, and the interactions that are possible with them.
  • Malasco
    Malasco is an ontology matching framework capable of matching very large ontologies using different partitioning and matching strategies.
  • WeSeE-Match
    WeSeE-Match is an ontology matching tool which exploits a web search engine for determining similarities between concepts in different ontologies.

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